A view of landscaping and the Riverview dining area next to the Willamette River

Thank you for supporting the Blue Heron Foundation At Willamette View.  Your gifts are truly transforming the experience of aging.  

The Heron Fund  Your gift to this unrestricted fund provides the most flexibility to support the evolving needs of our community. The Heron Fund may also provide resident support.

The Good Neighbor Fund Your support of this fund helps to provide assistance to residents in financial need, providing quality of life when one needs it the most.

The Green Fund  Provides you with the opportunity to support a program that can provide funding for the implementation of sustainability projects and ideas to help save utility costs and reduce the carbon footprint of the oranization and individual residents.

Employee Education & Development Fund Provides a way for you to support an investment in the education of employees, resulting in a committed, motivated workforce and better quality services. This fund includes the Alan Fibish Employee Scholarship Endowment.

Art of Living Well Fund  Allows you to direct your donation to specific programs and projects at Willamette View.  Examples include artworks and Harmony Garden.

The Sunflower Club Adult Day Program Your gift will be used to help support a program that provides an individual with cognitive challenges a safe, compassionate place to spend structured time and provide relief for their caregiver.

Gifts of any amount to these essential funds will allow the Blue Heron Foundation to support the evolving needs of residents and employees.

Thank you for your generosity,
Loraine Collacchi, Philanthropy Director  
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